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New Studies & Appeals Court Decisions Highlight Just How Detrimental Workplace Injuries Can Be


Employers and those representing states will often minimize the effects that workplace injuries have, as well as what can be considered part of the current injury, in an effort to minimize payouts. However, one recent study and appeals court decision could have significant effects on the ability for claimants to include certain costs in their claims, as we discuss below:

Total Disability Granted to A Woman Who Suffered a Workplace Injury That Exacerbated Previous Psychological Injuries

An appeals court in Missouri recently made an important decision finding that a woman who experienced a workplace injury after a tool rack fell on her head was officially permanently disabled due to the fact that she suffered significant psychological trauma earlier in her life; specifically, physical and sexual abuse, as well as suffering through her daughter’s rape. This is an incredibly important decision, as those responsible for workplace injuries are constantly arguing that current injuries are due to previous incidents and should therefore not be factored into finding whether a claimant is disabled due to the workplace injury.

Unfortunately, in this case, the workplace injury caused the claimant to suffer from headaches and poor concentration, and she was eventually fired. In bringing her claim against the state fund for permanent and total disability benefits, three medical experts testified in her favor that the current physical injury exacerbated her previous psychological injury. Additional experts also testified that she ultimately could not “compete for employment” due to her psychiatric condition.

New Study Indicates That Increase in Opioid Overdoses Are Linked to Workplace Injuries

Recent studies have also shed light on the effect that workplace injuries have on opioid addiction, and the result could very well significantly affect what expenses are factored in when it comes to workplace injuries, especially in terms of recovery costs. According to the Labor Commission, Office of Medical Examiners, and the Utah Department of Health, one of the main reasons that opioid-related death rates have increased by almost 500 percent in the last 20 years is due to workplace musculoskeletal disorders, which have been identified as a key factor in opioid-related overdose deaths. Specifically, just in the state of Utah, almost 60 percent of those who died from opioid-related deaths had at least one previous workplace musculoskeletal disorder, and the highest rates of opioid-related overdoses occurred in industries where workers suffered the highest number of workplace injuries, i.e. in physically demanding working positions.

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