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Houston Slip & Fall Attorney

Most premise liability cases are due to slip and fall, or trip and fall accidents. in these cases, an individual either slips or trips onto the ground because of an unwarranted substance. This substance can be food, oil, water, an uneven surface, or a loose rug. Slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere including a restaurant, store, or even a public sidewalk.

Slip and fall, or trip and fall, accidents can result in serious injury, contact an experienced Houston slip & fall attorney as soon as possible. Common slip and fall injuries include broken or fractured bones, injury to the head, brain, back, shoulder, hips, spine, and other serious conditions.

Flooring Materials Cause Falls

Who is Responsible?

It is the responsibility of each and every property owner to maintain their property in a safe condition to eliminate all chances of slip and fall accidents.

It is the duty of municipalities, or a group or individual appointed to manage the property, to maintain all sidewalks and streets in your area. if there is no sign of protruding or harmful objects, a reasonable person would not feel the need to continuously scan the sidewalk or street for an unexpected hazard. if a potential hazard is not vividly acknowledged, an individual is in great risk of injury.

It is also the property owner’s responsibility to provide all guests, visitors, or patrons with proper lighting. Without proper lighting, an individual may not be able to identify potential slip or trip accidents. in various settings, an individual must be provided with proper handrails.

The responsible party for the accident is generally the party that was negligent. in many slip and fall accidents, property owner’s do not upkeep their property and are careless in eliminating possible slip and fall risks.

Slip & Falls Leading Cause of Death in Elderly

File for a Slip and Fall Accident in Houston, TX

Slip and fall injuries are hard to prove, but with the consult of experienced slip and fall accident attorney in Houston, Texas, Sue E. West, it is possible.

First, there should be established liability. the property owner must acknowledge, or fail to acknowledge, that their property served as an unsafe environment that resulted in an individual’s personal injury.

Disagreement arises when parties do not act as a “reasonable person.” if a reasonable, or neutral, individual would have not considered a light too dim, or a hazard not harmful, then the owner of the property is not considered to have a dangerous property.

Second, the individual must have suffered from a real and lasting injury. If you have been injured from a slip and fall accident, go to the hospital immediately. it is crucial to your case to report the accident.

Lastly, the injuries incurred by the individual must have resulted from the slip and fall accident. Frequently, an individual’s medical history will be taken into consideration when determining the degree of injury. a person suffering from back pain may be experiencing the pain for other reasons than the trip and fall accident.

1 in 10 Construction Workers Hurt by Slip & Falls

If you or a loved one has suffered from a slip and fall accident in Houston or Katy, contact Houston slip & fall attorney Sue E. West today.

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