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Houston Dump Truck Accident Attorney

Dump trucks are huge vehicles that are often seen at construction sites. Many can haul close to 10 tons of materials. The heavier they are, the more difficult they are to maneuver. Dump trucks can sometimes go out onto the roadways with other vehicles, causing serious accidents. Have you been involved in a dump truck accident? If so, contact a Houston dump truck accident attorney today to understand your legal options.

Causes of Dump Truck Accidents

Dump truck accidents can be caused by the following:

  • This is one of the biggest issues with dump truck drivers. They must be trained on the proper way to operate dump trucks. They are extremely heavy vehicles and, as such, they are harder to control. They must be trained on and fully understand best practices, correct operating procedures, and safety regulations before driving a dump truck. Otherwise, they can cause serious injuries or death.
  • Poor visibility when reversing. Dump trucks have large blind spots. If you are driving one, use a spotter to guide you and help you back up properly.
  • Dump trucks have load capacities, but sometimes the trucking company will overload them. This is dangerous, as it can cause the truck to tip over. This can be very dangerous, so keep an eye on your load.
  • Driving on uneven roads. Even though dump trucks are often found at construction sites, which tend to have rugged terrain, it’s best to use dump trucks on flat ground. Uneven ground makes a dump truck unstable and prone to tipping over.

Liability in a Dump Truck Accident

You were injured in a dump truck crash. Now what? Who will pay for your  medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and other damages?

In short, it depends. There is no clear-cut answer to this question because each dump truck accident is different. It will depend on the factors involved, such as what each driver was doing before the accident. There may be defects, bad weather, or poor road conditions involved.

In any case, dump truck accidents can be complex because multiple parties may be involved. The following entities may be liable for a crash:

  • The driver of the dump truck
  • The dump truck driver’s employer
  • The company responsible for loading the dump truck
  • The company responsible for maintaining the dump truck
  • The manufacturer of the dump truck
  • Another negligent driver

An experienced dump truck lawyer can help you with your case by performing an investigation and determining liability.

Contact a Houston Dump Truck Accident Attorney Today

A dump truck accident can be very serious. These trucks are huge and can easily cause catastrophic injuries and even death. Dump truck accident cases can be complex. Let the West Law Office handle the investigation and determine liability so you get the compensation you need. To schedule a free consultation with a Houston dump truck accident attorney, fill out the online form or call 281-347-3247.

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