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Houston Swimming Pool Accident Attorney

With summer highs regularly topping 90°F, Houstonians flock to swimming pools to beat the brutal heat and humidity. However, too many fail to realize the serious risks that pools can pose. From slippery surfaces causing nasty falls to drain entrapments and near-drownings, swimming areas are home to numerous hazards. If you have suffered an injury at a public or private pool in the Houston area, you may be entitled to compensation. The West Law Office’s skilled Houston swimming pool accident attorney is ready to fight for the justice and payment you deserve.

Common Swimming Pool Hazards

Pool owners and operators in Houston have a legal duty of care to maintain safe conditions and fix issues that could lead to injuries. Some of the most common dangers we see include:

  • Slip and fall accidents: Puddles around pools combined with Houston’s high humidity create slick surfaces ripe for nasty falls. These can lead to broken bones, concussions, and other serious injuries.
  • Lack of proper safety equipment: Many pools lack adequate drain covers, compliant ladders/stairs, life preservers, and other mandated safety gear to prevent injuries and save lives during emergencies.
  • Poor maintenance: Cracks in pool decks, loose tiles, broken gates/fences, and other maintenance issues increase risks. We have seen too many injuries from negligent upkeep.
  • Inadequate supervision: At apartment complexes, hotels, and other public pools, a lack of lifeguards or other supervision is an accident waiting to happen, especially with unattended children.
  • Chemical hazards: Excessive chlorine and other pool chemical imbalances can severely burn skin, eyes, and lungs. Proper testing and chemical handling are critical.
  • Overhead dangers: We pursue cases involving injuries from falling lights, ceiling fans, tree branches, and other risks pool areas should be designed to avoid.
  • Drain entrapments: These terrifying incidents, where water suction traps swimmers underwater, have led to many child injuries and deaths that could have been prevented.
  • Water illnesses: Crypto, E. coli, and other pathogens can cause serious conditions if pools aren’t properly cleaned, chlorinated, and filtered.

Whether the pool belongs to a hotel, apartment complex, neighborhood association, or private residence, property owners must exercise reasonable care. When they are negligent in maintenance, safety, or other areas, our dedicated legal team is ready to take action and get victims the compensation they deserve.

Houston Pool Accident Liability and Damages

In Texas, swimming pool injury cases typically involve proving negligence by the owner or operator. Perhaps they ignored safety code violations, failed to properly hire or train staff, or cut corners on maintenance to save money. Whatever the situation, we have thousands of ways to obtain evidence and build a rock-solid case.

Our swimming pool accident attorneys in Houston have secured millions for swimming pool accident victims, helping them recover damages to cover:

  • Current and future medical bills for emergency care, surgeries, hospital stays, and therapy
  • Lost wages from missing work, plus future lost earning capacity if permanently disabled
  • Lifecare expenses like in-home nursing, disability accommodations, and other long-term care needs

Trust Our Top-Rated Houston Swimming Pool Accident Attorneys

Ready to discover why Houston locals continue trusting The West Law Office when the unthinkable happens? Contact our Houston swimming pool accident attorneys for a free, no-obligation consultation on your swimming pool accident case.

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