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Houston Workplace Injury Attorney

On the job accidents are mishaps that result in injury at the workplace. Most of these accidents are covered by Texas worker’s compensation laws, but it is important to consult with Houston workplace injury attorney, Sue E. West, to find out how you can receive full coverage for your injury. Workplace accidents must occur on or at the worksite, and be the result of an individual trying to perform a task related to his or her job description.

There Are Three Types of Job Injuries:

  • Specific event: This injury only occurs once. an example of a specific event injury would be when a construction worker falls off a ladder.

  • Cumulative injury: This type of injury occurs because the nature of the job requires repetition in movement or work. an individual who types a lot may develop carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • “Occupational Disease”: This type of injury is generally the most harmful. an occupational disease injury can occur when an individual develops lung cancer because of exposure to asbestos.

What is NOT an on the Job Injury?

Every state’s worker’s compensation laws covers a variety of injuries, but some forms of injury generally do not qualify for compensation. Examples of these forms include:

  • Injuries occurring off-site
  • Injury conflicting with company policies
  • Self-inflicted injury
  • Injury caused by excessive drug or alcohol use
  • Injury caused by an act of crime
  • Mental illness*

*Sometimes, an individual can be compensated for mental illness if it is the result of a physical injury that occurred at work.

Benefits of on the Job Injuries

You can receive many benefits from your on the job injury, including:

  • Medical Care
  • Temporary or Permanent Disability Benefits
  • Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits
  • Death Benefits

Contact Houston workplace injury attorney, Sue E. West, and find out the benefits you are eligible for.

When Your Employer Denies Your Injury

If you have been injured on the job in Houston or Katy, Texas, and your employer fails to compensate you for your injuries, contact Houston workplace injury attorney, Sue E. West to protect your rights. You should not have to suffer and pay for a preventable injury caused by your employer. the West Law Office will work on handling your claim, while you work on recovering from your injury.

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