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Houston Hit & Run Attorney

Can you sue for a hit and run? Being a victim of a hit and run accident is an aggravating situation. It’s hard to believe that someone can hit a vehicle or pedestrian and flee the scene, rather than check to see if anyone is injured, or if there is serious damage done to the car. Houston hit & run attorney, Sue E. West, understands the difficulties behind a hit and run accident.

Hit and Run Accidents in Texas

Hit and run accidents are becoming more and more common. Many drivers have chosen to have their driving rights secured by fleeing the scene rather than claiming responsibility for the accident. in extreme and unfortunate cases, hit and run accidents do not solely involve another vehicle, but a pedestrian. Too often are pedestrians injured by a vehicle that flees the scene. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately one out of every five pedestrians killed on the road dies from a hit and run accident.

If you have been involved in a hit and run accident, consult with Hit and Run Attorney, Sue E. West at the West Law Office immediately. You should not be burdened by vehicle repairs, medical charges, and other expenses caused by a negligent driver.

If a driver inflicts injury on another driver, it should be in their best interest to assist the injured individual. in hit and run accidents, the opposite occurs. the driver who flees the scene is not responsible for their actions. Houston hit & run attorney, Sue E. West, is here to serve justice. Everyone should be accountable for their actions – especially on the road.

Why do drivers flee the scene?

Drivers flee the scene after a reason hit and run accident for varying reasons. Often times, they are trying to secure their own driving privileges by not taking responsibility of their negligence. Other reasons drivers may flee the scene can be due to:

  • Having an expired or invalid license
  • Not having a license
  • Being an illegal driver
  • Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Contact a Houston Hit & Run Attorney Today

Someone’s fear of being punished for having an invalid license or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol should not be the reason you are paying for medical expenses and vehicle repairs. The West Law Office assists injured individuals in Katy and Houston, Texas receive maximum compensation in hit & run accidents. for a free consultation and to learn how you can fight a hit and run accident call 281-347-3247.

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