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Houston Jackknife Truck Accident Attorney

Semi trucks are at risk for a variety of crashes, including jackknife accidents. They occur when a portion of the trailer swings to the side, ending up at a 90-degree angle from the cab. It makes a capital L. This is a dangerous situation, as the trailer is often filled with tons of cargo. Such a situation can block several lanes of traffic. It’s possible for oncoming vehicles to hit the semi truck head-on, causing serious injuries and even death. In addition, the truck may overturn, causing a fire or other hazard. These accidents come with a lot of risk of injury or death. If you have been involved in such a crash, you need legal help right away. An experienced Houston jackknife truck accident attorney can assess your situation and ensure the proper parties are held liable for their actions.

What Causes a Truck to Jackknife?

A truck jackknifes when the driver brakes and the cab slows, but the trailer keeps moving forward. This will cause it to pivot sideways. Some of the most common causes of a jackknife accident include the following:

  • Bad weather. Rain, ice, and other slippery conditions can make it harder for semi trucks to slow down, making jackknifes more likely.
  • Brake conditions. If the semi truck’s brakes have not been properly maintained, they may not perform properly.
  • The faster a driver goes, the harder it is to stop or avoid hazards. The truck is more likely to lose control.
  • Distracted driving. When a truck driver isn’t paying attention, they may not see what is in front of them. They may then have to brake suddenly, which can cause the truck to jackknife.
  • A drowsy driver may fall asleep at the wheel, causing the truck to lose control and jackknife.
  • Truck length and cargo weight. These are factors in jackknife accidents. Trucks carrying lighter loads are actually more likely to jackknife. So are longer trucks.

How to Avoid Jackknifing 

Truck drivers have a huge responsibility. They are carrying heavy loads often weighing as much as 40 tons. They need to focus on the road and drive safely at all times or their trailer could become at risk for jackknifing. Here are some ways to avoid jackknifing:

  • Stay far away from other vehicles.
  • Drive at a safe speed for weather conditions.
  • Keep your eyes on the road at all times.
  • Avoid slamming on the brakes—use them lightly or gradually.

These are actually good tips for drivers of all vehicles to take note of.

Contact a Houston Jackknife Truck Accident Attorney Today

Jackknife accidents can cause a lot of damage and injuries. You need an experienced truck accident lawyer on your side who can investigate the situation and hold the at-fault parties liable for their damages. Contact The West Law Office to start the claims process. We can help you with physical and financial recovery. Schedule a free consultation with a Houston jackknife truck accident attorney today by calling 281-347-3247 or filling out the online form.

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