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New Study Indicates That Children Are Most Frequently Bit by Dogs in The Eye Area


According to a new study in the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, children are twice as likely to be bitten by a dog in the eye area. However, the study also found that, when it comes to dogs that they are familiar with/in the home, they are more likely to be bitten on the face, head, or neck. Children injured by dog bites are also more likely to need to go to the hospital operating room. As a result, in order to keep them safe, children should never be at eye level with dogs, even while under adult supervision.


Factors related to children facing an increased risk of injuries to their eyes in particular include their body structure, as well as the behavior of both children and dogs. Other studies have indicated that not only do some dogs have the instinct to attack the face, but that children at eye level with dogs are regarded as a threat, as though they were also dogs. In addition, because children’s eyes are proportionally larger than those of an adult, they can appear more threatening to dogs. Children’s faces, heads, and becks are also arguably more accessible due to their shorter height and larger head-to-body ratio.

For Adults, It Is The Cheeks, Lips, And Nose

The same study also identified the most commonly injured areas in both adults and children as the cheeks, lips, and nose; known as the central target area. Adults were far more likely to be bitten by dogs in this area than children; most likely because dogs are more likely to bite children in the eye area due to their body structures.

How To Avoid Negligently Causing Children To Be Bit By Dogs

This study – amongst others – should be used to inform those with dogs, including homeowners who invite individuals with children to their homes. Knowing that children are at a higher risk for injuries from dog bites in the eye area in particular should help to prevent these injuries by ensuring that dog owners and others do not allow children to be at eye level on the floor with the dog; regardless of whether the child is familiar with the dog and there is adult supervision. Additional potentially risky behavior includes interfering with food, kissing, hugging, staring, and playing roughly with the dog.

If You’ve Suffered from A Dog Bite in Texas, Contact Our Injury Attorneys Today

Close to five million people are bitten by dogs every year, and most of them occur in Texas and California. In many cases, children end up undergoing operations, and in some cases can even die as a result. If you or a loved one has suffered from a dog bite, contact our Houston dog bite attorneys at The West Law Office right away to find out how we can help.




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