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Slip and Fall in Grocery Store: What to Consider


Accidents can happen anywhere. Unfortunately, a routine trip to the grocery store can result in a serious accident. With the risk of leaks, spilled cleaning products, poor lighting, defective shopping carts  and other elements in a supermarket, the risk of a slip and fall can be high. This is especially true if there are no precautions in place to keep customers safe.

If you slip and fall at a grocery store, can the store be held liable? It can be, in certain situations. Grocery store owners must keep the premises safe for customers. This includes both inside and outside the store, such as in the parking lot. Even if you are not a customer of the store, you can receive compensation for your injuries. This is because slip and fall cases are based on negligence.

An injury does not have to be serious for you to receive compensation. If you have to see the doctor often for lingering pain, you should be compensated for your time and expenses. However, the more severe the injury, the more compensation you can expect to receive.

However, in order to receive compensation, there are several factors to keep in mind. First of all, was the floor slippery? Before filing a claim, you should know the cause of your accident. Was it a spill? Was the floor just cleaned?

How long was the substance on the floor? If you saw a customer spill some water, but stepped into it just seconds later, the store may not be held liable. There must have been a reasonable amount of time for an employee to clean up the spill. If it was left there for hours, that’s unreasonable. But if the incident happened a minute ago, that doesn’t give a person enough time to clean it up.

If the floor was slippery, was there any warning? For example, if there was a spill or a floor cleaning in progress, there should be signs alerting customers, such as “Caution” or Wet Floor.” If there was no warning, and it was known that the floor would be slippery, then the store could be held liable for its actions.

In any case, if you slip and fall in a grocery store, always make sure to see a doctor afterward. A doctor can evaluate your injuries. You may have broken bones or internal injuries that you may not know about., Plus, it’s a good idea to get all your injuries documented in a lawsuit against the store so you can obtain the right amount of compensation. After all, you can’t sue again and get more money later.

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Slip and fall injuries may seem minor at first, but many turn out to be serious, long-term injuries. It’s important that you seek the compensation you deserve for your damages.

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