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Motorcyclist Killed After Hitting 2 Vehicles


Motorcycle accidents are usually serious events. The impact of a motorcycle crash can sometimes lead to two separate accidents—and fatality.

This recently happened in Houston, when a motorcycle collided with two separate vehicles. The rider was killed in the crash, which happened on the morning of March 24 at Alief Clodine Road and Highway 6.

A motorcycle was speeding near the intersection when it switched lanes and rear-ended an Acura. The rider lost control and hit the center median. The motorcycle went into the northbound lane and hit a Dodge Charger head on.

The rider was ejected from the motorcycle, which stalled in the northbound traffic lanes. The man died at the accident scene. Both the north and southbound lanes were shut down for several hours for an investigation.

The drivers were not injured in the crash. Neither showed signs of intoxication.

How Speed Increases Motorcycle Accidents

Speed may be fun for motorcycle riders, but if not handled properly, it can be deadly. Going too fast can result in loss of control, making it harder to stop and avoid accidents. An accident—even a seemingly minor one—can be serious for a motorcycle rider, as they have no enclosure or protection from the elements.

There are several reasons why motorists in general speed:

  • Traffic. Traffic is a problem on Houston’s roads and highways, especially with many workers returning to the office. Traffic jams can cause frustration and anger. Many motorcycles may respond by speeding and even lane splitting, which is not legal in Texas.
  • Being late. Running behind schedule is common. It happens to the best of us. Sometimes it’s just hard to get up in the morning. Maybe you were too busy dealing with kids. But whether you need to get to work or an important appointment, speeding won’t get you there much faster. Plus, it endangers the lives of others. You need to slow down and drive safely.
  • It’s thrilling. Speeding can be exciting to a lot of people, especially motorcycle riders. They love the feel of pushing their bike to its limits. They may feel like a daredevil as they zip along the highway, passing cars left and right. That is, until a huge truck cuts in front of them and causes a deadly crash.
  • Many motorcycle riders have a bit too much confidence. They might be older and have many years of experience riding a motorcycle. This gives them a false sense of security, which can make them unprepared for accidents.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

Speed is a serious issue with motorcycles. Riders must drive carefully at all times and slow down, especially in traffic.

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