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2 Pedestrians Killed In Houston Accident


Busy streets are not safe for pedestrians. Motorists are in a hurry and often distracted. They may not see people walking in the roadway, especially at night.

Two people were recently killed while crossing a busy road in Houston. The fatal pedestrian accident happened on the evening of October 20 on South Main Street, not far from the 610 South Loop.

A man and woman were crossing the 9000 block of South Main when they were hit by a pickup truck. Both pedestrians died at the accident scene. The driver stopped and remained at the crash site.

The man has not been identified, but the woman has been identified as Jessica Hood, 49. The incident has been described as an accident. Fault has not yet been determined, but there was no crosswalk where the two crossed the road.

Yielding to Pedestrians

Pedestrians can get hit by a car in a variety of ways. In many cases, the driver is at fault. However, the pedestrian can also be at fault. It all depends on the yielding laws, which can vary from state to state. In Texas, a driver must yield in the following situations:

  • The “Walk” signal is displayed at the intersection.
  • A pedestrian uses a crosswalk and walks in the direction of a green traffic light.
  • A pedestrian is already in the road when a vehicle approaches.
  • A disabled pedestrian is crossing the road.
  • A vehicle in front has yielded to a pedestrian.

There are also situations in which a pedestrian must yield to vehicles. These situations include the following:

  • The pedestrian is not in a crosswalk.
  • There is a yellow or red traffic signal at the intersection.
  • There is a “Wait” or “Don’t Walk” signal at an intersection.
  • There is a pedestrian overpass or tunnel available.
  • A pedestrian suddenly leaves the curb and is so close to a vehicle that it’s impossible for the driver to yield.

Under Texas law, pedestrians must use sidewalks when possible. When none are available, they are allowed to walk on the side of the road. However, they must either stay on the left side of the roadway or use the shoulder and face oncoming traffic.

In any case, Texas motorists must always exercise “due care” so they don’t hit pedestrians. If a driver sees a pedestrian walking in the roadway, they should do what they can to avoid hitting them. They should attempt to pass safely or honk their horn to alert the pedestrian.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer 

Motorists are not always looking for pedestrians. Pedestrians need to be careful when crossing roads, especially highways and busy streets. A lack of safety can lead to serious crashes.

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