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Why Are Motorcycles So Dangerous To Ride?


Many people enjoy riding motorcycles. It’s a thrilling experience but it comes with a lot of risks. Motorcycle riding can be a dangerous activity. In fact, motorcycle riders are approximately 29 times more likely than those riding in a car to die in an accident.

But motorcycles are small and often easier to maneuver in tight spaces than passenger vehicles. So why are motorcycle accidents deadlier? Here are some reasons why.

They’re More Vulnerable to Road Conditions

A pothole or debris on the road is not usually a problem for a passenger vehicle. It is a big issue for a motorcycle, though, since they have just two wheels. Going over uneven surfaces can easily cause a motorcycle rider to lose control and get into a serious accident.

Less Stability

Along the same lines, motorcycles also have less stability. When braking and cornering, they can be harder to control, since they require good balance. A rider can easily lose balance and collide with another vehicle.

Less Protection

Another thing to consider is that if a motorcycle does get into a crash, the rider has very little protection. They are not fully enclosed in a vehicle, unlike those in passenger vehicles. Therefore, in a crash, motorcyclists are often ejected, suffering from road rash, head injuries, and other injuries. Even when wearing a helmet and a heavy jacket, riders can still get seriously injured in a crash.

They’re Fast

Some motorcycles can go up to speeds exceeding 200 miles per hour. Many riders engage in high-risk behavior and will try to see how far they can push their bikes. They may race others, use their motorcycles to perform stunts, or engage in other dangerous behavior, resulting in injury accidents.

Motorcycles Are Less Visible

When compared to passenger vehicles, motorcycles are much smaller. While this may work to their advantage in some ways, the truth is that motorists are not always looking out for motorcycles. They are trained in a way to look for other vehicles that are of the same size. Their eyes inadvertently don’t look for motorcycles, since they are not as common on the roadways. Because of this, motorcycles are more often to get hit.

They’re More Challenging to Drive

Motorcycles are not as easy to drive as passenger vehicles because of stability and balance issues. They require a lot more training to ride properly. They also require a lot of more focus and because of the challenges listed above, riders need to always be driving defensively in order to avoid accidents. A slight imbalance can cause loss of control and devastating accidents.

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Motorcycles are alluring to many people, but the truth is that they are small and very dangerous. These factors make accidents more likely.

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