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Staying Safe While Driving at Night


Many people avoid driving at night, and for good reason. Car accidents are more likely to occur at night due to reduced vision. It’s much harder to see the road, especially with the glare from the headlights of oncoming vehicles. Plus, you have less time to react and stop. In fact, fatalities are three times more likely at night.

Driving at night can be challenging, to say the least. Your options are to avoid driving at night altogether or stay safe while driving. If you must drive at night, here are some ways to stay safe and avoid accidents.

Drive Defensively 

Be wary of other drivers. Drinking and driving and fatigue can cause motorists to drive erratically. Therefore, be extra cautious and alert when driving during nighttime hours.

Avoid Glare

The glare from the headlights of oncoming vehicles can temporarily blind you, which can cause you to lose control if you’re not careful. Never stare at headlights. Instead, look down or to the right. Use the right edge of the road to keep in your lane. Then keep your eyes on the road when the vehicle has passed.

Take it Slow

Many nighttime crashes are caused by excessive speed. Therefore, you should slow down. This will give you more time to react to hazards and anything else in the road that can cause you to crash. Keep in mind that even when you’re driving just 40 miles per hour, you’ll need 190 feet to stop.

Don’t Drive While Fatigued

It’s easy to get tired once the sun goes down. There are many sleepy drivers on the road between midnight and 6 a.m., and you don’t want to be one of them. If you’re feeling tired, drink some coffee, chew some gum, roll down the window or listen to the radio. If you’re feeling especially tired, pull over and get some rest.

Make Sure Your Lights Work

Never take off in the dark unless your lights are working. This includes headlights, high beams, brake lights and turn signals. Other drivers rely on these lights, so if they’re not working, you can easily get into an accident. Stay safe by testing these lights on a regular basis. If they’re not working, get them replaced promptly.

Consider High Beams

High beams may not be appropriate for driving in the city, but if you’re in a rural area, they can be a lifesaver. They can help you see much better, which is helpful in especially dark areas where pedestrians or animals can suddenly come out of nowhere. Use them when you need a little more visibility; just be careful not to blind other drivers.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

Darkness impacts our vision, which makes it more difficult to drive at night. Accidents are more likely to happen in the late night and early morning hours, so it’s important to be alert during these times.

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