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Man Killed In Solo-Vehicle Crash In Houston


High speeds may seem fun but they can be deadly. Going too fast in a vehicle can cause you to lose control and go off the road. You may roll over or hit an object such as a tree.

This recently happened in Houston, when a man died after crashing into a tree. The fatal accident occurred on the morning of December 23 on South Gessner Drive.

Houston police officers arrived at the accident scene in the 7000 block of South Gessner Drive and found that a car had crashed into a tree. The vehicle was speeding when it went off the road and hit a tree. The impact then caused the car to split in half.

The driver died at the accident scene. The driver, an unidentified man, was the sole occupant of the vehicle. He had to be extricated from the car by emergency crews.

Dangers of Speeding

Many drivers love the thrill of speeding. Going fast can be exhilarating but it can also be dangerous. Speeding is an activity that endangers everyone on the road. If the driver loses control, other vehicles can be affected.

Speeding can be deadly. Close to 30% of traffic fatalities involve speed. When you go too fast, you can seriously injure or kill yourself or others.

Speeding is especially dangerous in poor weather conditions, where ice and rain can cause a vehicle to skid, spin out, and lose control. Speeding is also risky at night, when visibility is poor.

Speeding is more than just breaking the law. It comes with consequences such as:

  • License loss.
  • Loss of vehicle control.
  • Increased stopping distance.
  • More serious crashes, which means more severe injuries.
  • Increased fuel consumption.

What Causes People to Speed?

Speeding is considered an aggressive behavior. Drivers may speed because they enjoy it, but there are other reasons why people may go too fast. They include:

  • Traffic is frustrating. It causes people to get angry and develop road rage. Drivers may speed, change lanes, and tailgate in order to get to their destination more quickly.
  • Running late. We all lead busy lives. It’s not uncommon for drivers to be running late for work, school, or an appointment. This can cause them to drive faster than usual.
  • Disregard for others. Many drivers speed as part of their typical driving behavior. They constantly drive fast, tailgate, and change lanes. This behavior is considered aggressive and rude. These drivers are only thinking about themselves, and their behavior puts others at risk.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

Solo-vehicle crashes can be just as bad as multi-vehicle ones. Many vehicles are damaged and occupants are killed when hitting fixed objects such as trees.

Don’t pay for someone else’s negligence. Get help with your car crash case with help from a Houston auto accident attorney from The West Law Office, PLLC. Schedule a free consultation by filling out the online form or calling 281-347-3247.



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