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How Road Hazards Can Cause Car Accidents


When you’re driving on Texas roadways, you never know what may lie ahead. There could be traffic. There may be an animal in the road. A pothole could throw you off course. Extreme weather conditions could have brought heavy rain, ice, and snow.

If you encounter a road hazard while driving and cause damage to your vehicle, you may wonder about liability. Who is at fault for the accident? Liability can be hard to determine. Sometimes an entity can be at fault. In many cases, though, nobody is to blame.

For example, blame cannot be assigned when natural conditions such as snow or ice cause an accident. It also cannot be assigned when a deer or other wild animal causes a crash.

However, in some cases, a particular person or entity causes a road hazard. For example, the construction company that designed and constructed a road may be held responsible for a road hazard. A truck driver that negligently unloads cargo onto a roadway can be held liable for a resulting accident. Here are some common road hazards you should know about.


Potholes on the road are a common hazard that form when the surface of the road begins to break down. Potholes can vary in size and depth. As a result, they can cause significant damage to your tires, wheels, and suspension system. Try to straddle them or go around them when possible.


Debris on the road can be anything from construction materials to tree branches to trash to car parts. Debris can range from small to large in size, so if you hit it, it could cause damage to your vehicle. To avoid it, stay alert and look ahead. Slow down and try to safely navigate around it.


While a squirrel or rat may not be a major issue, a larger one like a deer can cause significant damage to your vehicle. When you see animals on the road, it’s important to slow down and be prepared to stop. Animals can move unexpectedly, so go around them slowly.

 Weather Conditions

Water, ice, and snow on the road can be dangerous for drivers, as they can cause loss of control. When driving on wet or icy roads, it is important to slow down to avoid skidding and losing traction. You should also increase your following distance to give yourself more time to react to ice and other road conditions. Be extra careful when making turns or braking, as your vehicle could slide.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

It’s important to be mindful of what is in the road while you’re driving. Not only can there be vehicles and pedestrians in the roadway, but also potholes, debris, and other hazardous conditions.

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