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Dangers Of Grass Clippings To Motorcyclists


As a motorcyclist, you may be trained to avoid dangers on the road such as potholes, ice, oil slicks, puddles, and gravel. But are you aware of the dangers of grass clippings? Yes, you may be surprised to know that grass clippings have caused many injuries to motorcyclists.

You may not have ever been in a motorcycle accident involving grass clippings, but you could be if you don’t understand how serious this issue is. While passenger cars and other four-wheeled vehicles have little trouble traversing over grass, motorcycles have a harder time. Because grass is 85% water, it’s slick, and driving over a slick surface can cause a motorcycle to lose traction. It can be hard to steer and the motorcyclist can lose control, crashing into something and suffering serious injuries.

While piles of grass may be found on suburban roads, most motorcyclists face the dangers of grass in rural areas, where pavement is less common. They may be traveling on dirt roads and see no issue with driving over grass until they lose traction.

Grass clippings may not seem like major issues, but they create more of a danger than you would expect because they create an extra layer between the motorcycle tire and the road. It is almost as dangerous as an oil slick. It is especially dangerous on turns, in which the rider may be leaning into the turn. It’s possible for the bike to actually come out from underneath the rider.

This issue is more common with the warmer weather, such as the spring and summer months, when homeowners spend more time outdoors maintaining their lawns. In the autumn months, though, leaves create a similar issue, causing slippery conditions. These are things motorcyclists need to be aware of, since many people are unaware of the dangers of leaving grass clippings or leaves in the road.

In summary, motorcyclists need to be vigilant all year long. Hazards can pose a threat to motorcyclists at any time. Weather conditions and road conditions are always changing.

Can Someone Be Held Liable?

If the grass clippings were left on the road by a lawn care company, then they could possibly be held liable for any injuries caused by an accident. Blowing or depositing grass onto a road is illegal in some areas due to environmental reasons. It can block drainage systems and end up polluting the water system.

Even if intentionally leaving grass clippings in the road is not illegal, if a motorcyclist gets into an accident because of it, the law care company or other person who left the grass there can be held liable. They can be sued and forced to pay for damages.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer 

Many motorcyclists see no issue with grass clippings in the road until they hit them and get in an accident. Grass may seem innocent, but it has led to many accidents and injuries.

Have you been injured by grass clippings while riding your motorcycle? If so, the Houston motorcycle accident lawyers at The West Law Office, PLLC can help you obtain compensation for damages. Schedule a free consultation by calling 281-347-3247 or filling out the online form.



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