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New Study Indicates That Too Many People Are Dying Due to Drivers Running Red Lights


According to a new study recently released by AAA, the number of people killed due to drivers running red lights has reached a 10-year high:. In fact, close to 30 percent of all crash deaths at intersections now occurring because drivers are running red lights. In 2017 alone, almost 1,000 people were killed, which translates to two people every day. This represents the highest death toll since 2008; most likely due to a combination of distracted driving and traffic lights that are not well-timed; with yellow light cycles that are far too short.

The Victims

The victims not only include pedestrians, but also cyclists, and a significant number of passengers; both in the cars running red lights and in the cars they hit. In fact, according to the results of the study, more than half of those killed were not actually involved in running the red light at all, but were simply the passengers in the cars that drivers running red lights hit, and

Is It All Due to Distracted Driving?

According to this same study, one-third of all Americans admit that they ran a red light in the last 30 days; indicating that it is sometimes a conscious decision versus an act of distracted driving. Still, there is no question that distracted driving is playing a significant part in these and other accident-related deaths, as those just addicted to engaging with their phone while driving reportedly actively ignore the road almost 30 percent of the time while they are driving, and, as a result, now represent more of a public danger than drunk drivers.

Reducing These Accidents

Some measures that experts suggest could reduce the occurrence of these tragedies include:

  • Cities putting in place more roundabouts rather than red-light intersections because, when crashes occur in roundabouts, they tend to happen at lower speeds;

  • Putting in place vehicle-to-light communication systems;

  • Drivers slowing down more frequently as they enter intersections and tapping on the brakes ahead of time to warn other drivers;

  • Drivers pausing before accelerating when the light turns green to make sure that traffic has stopped going in the other direction;

  • Cyclists and pedestrians also pausing before they cross – even when they have a green light – to make sure that all cars have stopped; while also making eye contact with drivers and removing anything that could be distracting or block out sound, such as headphones.

Contact Our Houston, Texas Auto Accident Attorneys If You Have Been Harmed

Drivers running red lights is extremely hazardous and is now costing far too many lives. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed by one of these drivers here in Texas, contact our Houston auto accident attorneys at The West Law Office today to find out how we can help ensure that justice is done for you and your family.






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