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5 Injured In Major Crash On Hardy Toll Road


It’s important to be alert and careful when driving. Besides other vehicles, there are many hazards on the roadways in Houston. Concrete walls can be especially dangerous when a vehicle hits it. This is why modern roads tend to have side barriers, but collisions with walls can still exist.

Unfortunately, a family was involved in a major car crash involving a concrete wall in Houston. Five people were injured in the accident. The good news is that nobody was killed, although three people were critically injured.

A vehicle was traveling on Hardy Toll Road, near Rankin Road, on the morning of December 4 when it hit a concrete wall. The vehicle spun out and came to a rest in the middle of the road.

The father exited the vehicle to rescue his two children. That was when another T-boned their car.

All four occupants were extricated from the vehicle. Police arrived and put the children in the back of the police cruiser to keep them safe.

The family of four as well as the driver of the other vehicle were all hospitalized with injuries. The father and two children suffered critical injuries.

What Happens When a Car Hits a Concrete Wall?

In this type of car accident, there are three different types of collisions taking place. First, the car hits the concrete wall. Next, the occupants of the vehicles will hit seat belts and airbags. In the third crash, the occupants’ hearts will likely hit their rib cages due to the impact. Ideally, the vehicle will absorb enough energy to make the third collision mild. If the energy is not properly absorbed, it could cause damage to the heart and lead to internal bleeding.

Modern vehicles feature a sturdy construction with crumple zones that absorb a lot of the impact of an accident. An older vehicle, on the other hand, has less ability to absorb energy. In a modern car, if a person was wearing a seat belt, they would most likely survive a collision with a wall at speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour, or roughly 43 miles per hour.

In a crash with a concrete wall, the vehicle and occupants would not be the only things affected. The concrete wall would also deform, transferring kinetic energy into the concrete molecules. Depending on the mass of the wall, it could also shift. At the very least, the concrete molecules would lose adhesion, causing the wall to form cracks. Some of the molecules would also turn into dust.

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It’s a scary situation to get involved in not one, but two, accidents. Those involved are lucky to be alive.

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