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3 Killed In 3 Separate Crashes In Houston


It’s sad enough when one fatal crash happens. But when three happen in the same area within three hours, it’s absolutely devastating.

Sadly, December 15 was a deadly night for Houston residents. Three crashes within hours of each other resulting in three fatalities.

The first accident happened on Highway 6 in west Houston. She was walking on the freeway when she was hit by a car. The driver was allegedly driving while under the influence. The crash is still under investigation.

The second accident happened about 30 minutes later at Veterans Memorial Drive and W. Mt. Houston Road. The driver of a Honda was involved in a hit and run crash near Beltway 8. Then the driver took off and ran a red light. It was hit by a Ford F-150 truck. The driver of the Honda died at the accident scene.

Then, two hours later, in southwest Houston, a driver crashed into several trees on Beechnut Street, near Cook Road. One person was ejected from the car. They were killed in the crash. The condition of the other person is unknown.

Causes of Fatal Car Accidents

Many car crashes are minor. However, a car accident can become fatal for many reasons. Some causes of these crashes include:

  • Going fast may seem fun, but it makes it harder to stop in time to avoid an accident. Speeding can also lead to loss of control, which affects everyone on the road.
  • Distracted driving. Motorists need to pay attention to the roadway at all times. Cell phone use, eating, reading, and dealing with pets and children can all be distracting, resulting in a serious crash.
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal for a reason: it’s dangerous. These substances reduce judgment and coordination and make it harder to react to hazards.
  • Not following traffic signs. Signs and signals are in place to keep traffic moving smoothly. Running red lights and stop signs can lead to T-bone accidents and other deadly crashes.
  • Failure to yield. Along the same lines, failure to yield can also be dangerous. Cars need to yield to others, particularly at intersections and freeway entrances.
  • Poor weather. Rain and ice on the road can lead to deadly conditions. They make the roads slippery, which can cause loss of control. A vehicle may collide into a tree or other object.

Those who survive a car accident may have catastrophic injuries. Brain injuries, neck and back injuries, broken bones, whiplash, and internal bleeding are all common.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

Car accidents can be deadly. Three fatal accidents in the same area in one night is a serious issue.

Seek legal help from a Houston auto accident attorney from The West Law Office, PLLC. We understand how dangerous the roads can be and will help you get the compensation you deserve. Schedule a free consultation by calling 281-347-3247 or filling out the online form.



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