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11 Injured In Chain-Reaction Crash In Houston


One incident on a busy road can lead to multiple car accidents. This was recently the case in Houston, when a disabled vehicle caused six vehicles to collide. Fortunately, nobody was killed in the crash.

The accident occurred on the morning of December 18 on the I-10 Katy Freeway. A Honda suffered mechanical issues and ended up disabled in the middle of the road at Barker Cypress. This led to a chain-reaction crash, with five other vehicles. The result was significant crash debris, including crushed vehicles, a tire in the road, and a car door next to a concrete barrier.

Eleven people were injured in the crash, including four children. Fortunately, none of the injuries were life-threatening. The roads in the area were shut down for three hours as police investigated.

That was the second accident to occur in the same area that same morning. In that crash, a driver was killed after its Honda CRV rear-ended an 18-wheeler that was stopped in the road. The 18-wheeler was in the right lane with its flashers on. The speeding CRV rammed into it, killing the driver. 

Understanding Chain-Reaction Crashes

Chain-reaction crashes tend to occur when one vehicle rear-ends another and the subsequent vehicles also rear-end each other. The force of the accident can also cause the vehicle in front to rear-end another vehicle in front. They can occur when a vehicle is disabled or when a driver is driving in the wrong direction. They can also happen in poor weather and road conditions, such as ice and snow.

Anyone can get injured in a chain-reaction crash, but the first two vehicles involved often suffer the brunt of the impact. The drivers of subsequent vehicles have more time to react, so they are able to avoid serious injuries. In most cases, one driver is negligent, although it is possible for multiple people to be at fault. This is especially true if another driver did something to cause the initial crash, such as cutting off another driver.

Liability will ultimately be determined by the insurance company. A team of investigators will carefully analyze the situation and gather information about the events that occurred. There may also be forensic experts and accident reconstruction experts involved. They may examine the scene and talk to witnesses to determine the true cause of the crash. Because of this, it is important to seek legal help to understand who is liable for the accident so you get all the compensation you deserve.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

It’s easy for one crash to lead to another. The more vehicles involved in a crash, the more dangerous it can be for those involved. Fortunately, nobody was killed in this situation.

Accidents can happen at any time. The Houston auto accident attorneys at the West Law Office, PLLC can assist you with your case and help you obtain compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. Schedule a free consultation with our office today. Call 281-347-3247 or fill out the online form.



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