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Why You Need Proper Driving Posture


It’s important to be comfortable while you’re driving. If you’re all contorted and it’s hard for you to move, driving can be difficult. It can be hard to make quick maneuvers if your knees are pressed up against the dashboard or your arms are squished.

If your shoulders are stiff and you’re suffering from an achy back, how you’re sitting in your car may be to blame. Making matters worse is that not all vehicles are exactly ergonomic. They don’t adequately accommodate the curve of the back, putting additional strain on the spine. Plus, there are many compact cars on the market that lack legroom and head space. This means taller drivers are forced to contort their bodies just to operate the vehicle. This is an unhealthy situation that can lead to cramps, aches, and even broken bones and head trauma in the event of a crash.

For these reasons, proper driving posture is crucial. You may want to blame your car, but there are ways in which you can adjust the way you sit to make your commute more comfortable.

Poor driving posture can do a number on your body. It can lead to discomfort in various parts, including your neck, back, shoulders, arms, legs, feet, and even your wrists and fingers. Over time, driving with bad posture can result in chronic pain, making it difficult to drive and perform other activities.

Another thing to consider is that poorly positioned drivers are more likely to suffer serious injuries in an accident. However, by adjusting the seat and mirrors in your vehicle, you can drive comfortably, without aches and pains. Here are some adjustments you can make for less pain.

Support Your Back

Slide your tailbone as close to the seat back as possible. There should be a gap of two or three fingers between the back of your knees and the front of your seat.

Lift Your Hips

The part you sit on (the seat pan) can be adjusted so that your thighs are supported. This will increase circulation to your back.

Adjust the Height

Make sure your seat raises your eye level at least three inches above the steering wheel while allowing sufficient clearance between your head and the roof.

Lean Back

Not too much, but the angle of your seat back should be more than 90 degrees. The ideal angle should be 100 to 110 degrees, which will put the least pressure on your back. If you lean too far back, this can cause neck and shoulder pain.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

How you sit in the driver’s seat can affect how well your body will do in the event of a crash. Not all car seats adequately support the head, neck, and spine, so proper posture is crucial.

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