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Best Safety Features in Vehicles


In the past, the only safety feature a vehicle had were seat belts. That eventually evolved to airbags. In the past decade, though, technology has made its way through the vehicles you drive.

When driving down the road, your car may sound off various beeps and alarms. Various lights and symbols may show up on your dashboard. Modern vehicles have a slew of technological features that can help you stay safe and avoid accidents.

There are many advanced driver assistance systems available on today’s cars and trucks, from radar to cameras to other technology. Many drivers love these features and would not buy a car without them. Others, however, are not worth the money and make little difference in their daily driving.

Consumer Reports asked more than 47,000 members how satisfied they are with the ADAS systems on their cars. Drivers say they love features that automatically steer, brake, and accelerate in certain situations, but they don’t like systems that second-guess their actions, such as lane departure warning (LDW) and lane keeping assistance (LKA). The best systems help drivers stay safer and more relaxed behind the wheel, while the worst systems take a driver’s attention away from the road. Here’s a look at motorists’ favorite features.

Rear Cross Traffic Warning

When you are backing up, this alert warns you by beeping if there are vehicles, pedestrians, or other objects in the way. This is a great system when you are reversing out of your driveway into traffic or trying to get out of a parking space in a crowded shopping center.

Blind Spot Warning

This is another great feature to have, especially when you’re on the freeway and trying to change lanes. The blind spot warning system detects vehicles in your blind spot (typically with a light in the side mirror) and may even beep when you activate the turn signal.

Adaptive Cruise Control

This is a type of advanced cruise control. It accelerates and brakes automatically so you can keep a safe distance away from other vehicles. It works based on traffic conditions, with some systems even bringing the vehicle to a stop and then accelerating again as needed.

Lane Centering Assistance

This system helps with steering to keep a vehicle centered in its lane. However, this system should not be an excuse to be less attentive while behind the wheel.

Automatic Emergency Braking

This system detects potential collisions with vehicles ahead and will automatically apply the brakes to avoid an accident. Some systems will also detect bicyclists, pedestrians, animals, and other objects in the road.

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Technology has made cars safer and reduced the number of accidents. Still, motorists need to be aware of their surroundings when driving or crashes can occur.

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