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Argument Causes Fatal Texas Car Accident


Driving requires immense focus and control, and when a passenger yanks the steering wheel while you’re driving, it’s bound to cause a car accident. This was recently the case in Texas and sadly, it led to fatality.

A man was killed after he pulled on the steering wheel while his wife was driving, causing the vehicle to roll over. The fatal crash occurred on the evening of July 31 on northbound Interstate 27 in Lubbock.

A GMC Envoy was traveling on the interstate when it suddenly veered to the right and went off the road. The SUV flipped over and landed in the parking lot of a nearby business. A man who was a passenger was ejected from the GMC. He died at the accident scene. The female driver suffered serious injuries—possibly broken bones—and was transported to University Medical Center for treatment.

The Lubbock Police Department released more details about the cause of the crash. It was determined that the occupants of the GMC Envoy were a husband and wife who were in an argument before the crash. The wife was reportedly going to divorce her husband due to various relationship issues. The couple was no longer living together, with the husband staying at a La Quinta hotel in the area.

On July 31, the two were together but the husband was being a “jerk,” so the woman told the man she was going to take him back to the hotel. This enraged the husband, who yanked the steering wheel. The woman lost control and the GMC went off the road and flipped over several times.

The man was ejected, but the woman was trapped inside the SUV. Emergency crews arrived and freed the woman. They noticed her legs and ankles looked possibly broken.

The woman was upset by the accident and was unsure why the man did it. The crash is under investigation.

Fighting While Behind the Wheel 

Sometimes drivers and passengers fight while they are behind the wheel. They may have verbal arguments or even physical fights. This can cause a driver to become distracted and lose control, causing a serious accident. It has happened many times before. Here are several things you can do to avoid arguing while on the road.

  • Don’t leave the house. It’s best to not even get into the car if you are arguing with someone.
  • Pull over. Get off the road as soon as possible.
  • Go home. Turn around and drop off the other person at home before an accident happens.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer 

People need to be in the right state of mind while driving. Anger and other negative emotions can cause drivers and passengers to lash out at each other. Unfortunately, in this case, it led to loss of control and death.

If your car crash was caused by a negligent third party, you might be entitled to compensation for your damages. Let the Houston auto accident attorneys at The West Law Office, PLLC assess your car accident case. Fill out the online form or call 281-347-3247 to schedule a free consultation.



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