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Sealy Bus Accident Attorney

Whether used as a way to reduce our carbon footprint, to save money, or for convenience, buses play a crucial role in many of our day-to-day lives. Unfortunately, utilizing the transportation services of buses also comes with its own risks, as these types of vehicles are much larger than passenger cars, less navigable, and are also not equipped with seat belts and air bags.

Bus accidents also tend to occur much more often than most people realize. For example, the National Safety Council (NSC) estimates that in 2018, 13,000 people were injured in the U.S. in school bus accidents alone. Collisions in which buses are involved also tend to have much more severe consequences for passengers, drivers, and bystanders. It is possible, however, to recover compensation for losses sustained in these types of collisions, so if you were recently injured in a bus accident, you should speak with an experienced Sealy bus accident attorney who can explain your legal options.

Bus Accident Causes

Bus accidents, like any other type of vehicle collision, can have a variety of causes, but most can be attributed to:

  • Motorist negligence;
  • Fatigue, distraction, or inattention;
  • Tire blowouts or mechanical failure;
  • Inadequate training and inexperience;
  • A lack of proper vehicle maintenance;
  • Speeding or aggressive driving; and
  • Driving under the influence.

This kind of negligence is dangerous for any motorist, but is especially perilous for bus drivers, who are tasked with transporting dozens of individuals at once, all of whom lack the protection of seat belts and air bags. In fact, in Texas, bus drivers are held to a higher standard of care than other drivers, being required to use the same degree of care that a very competent, prudent, and cautious person under similar circumstances would have used. For this reason, it is not uncommon for a bus driver to be held liable for engaging in the same type of behavior as another driver who was cleared of any responsibility for causing an accident.

Potential Liability

There are a variety of parties that can be held liable for bus accidents, including:

  • The driver;
  • The company that operates the bus;
  • A vehicle part manufacturer;
  • The company responsible for vehicle maintenance; and
  • Another driver who caused or contributed to the accident.

Many forms of public transportation are actually owned and operated by government entities. School buses, for example, are typically owned by the city or county, which means that municipal agencies can often be held liable for the negligence of their employees. There are, however, certain rules that plaintiffs must comply with when filing civil claims against government agencies. For instance, in Texas, these types of lawsuits must be filed within 180 days of the accident. Plaintiffs are also required to provide the agency with written notice before filing suit.

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