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Richmond Hit & Run Attorney

When an accident happens on the road, the parties involved are supposed to exchange insurance information or provide it to the police in order to ensure coverage of claims for injuries caused by the accident. But more and more drivers are leaving the scene after an accident, which is also known as a hit and run. Victims of hit and run accidents are often confused and do not know where to go to get compensated after a crash. At The West Law Office, our Richmond hit & run attorneys understand the confusion and empathize with the situation. Our team is here to ensure that victims of hit and run accidents receive the compensation they need after a crash. Call the office or contact us today to learn more about your legal options if you are a victim of a hit and run accident.

Utilizing Uninsured Motorist Coverage

If a driver leaves the scene after an accident, it usually means that they are at fault and/or do not have auto insurance to cover the injuries caused by the crash. If this happens, the victim’s uninsured motorist coverage from their own insurance policy is supposed to cover the costs of the crash. Uninsured motorist coverage will compensate the policyholder for their medical bills, property damage, and any lost wages in addition to payments for the victim’s pain and suffering up to the limits of the policy. Without this coverage, a hit and run victim would be responsible for covering their own costs when it comes to medical care and other financial burdens caused by the hit and run.

Do Not Talk to an Insurer Alone

Even though it is the person’s own insurance company, a hit and run victim should never speak with an insurance adjuster on their own. Insurance companies do not have the best interests of policyholders at heart, even their own. The main goal of an insurance adjuster is to close the claim as quickly as possible for as little as possible, and they will use a number of strategies in order to do so.

One common tactic is to make a low-ball settlement offer within hours or days of the crash. This is often before the victim is even able to calculate the true cost of the accident and is always considerably less than what the victim is owed. Another strategy is to convince a hit and run victim to make a statement without their lawyer present in hopes that the victim will say something against their own interests that the insurance company can use to mitigate or eliminate their claims for compensation. Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney to represent your legal interests after a hit and run accident is the best way to protect yourself and safeguard your ability to collect compensation for your claim.

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Have you or someone you know been involved in a hit and run accident? Call the office or contact us today in Richmond at The West Law Office to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney about your case.

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