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Houston Personal Injury Lawyer > Katy Unsecured Cargo Truck Accident Attorney

Katy Unsecured Cargo Truck Accident Attorney

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has strict standards regarding how cargo is secured. When trucking companies cut corners by using old or worn-out tie downs, securing cargo hastily, or overload a truck, catastrophe is bound to happen. If you were injured by falling debris or cargo, you deserve compensation. Here at The West Law Office, the Katy unsecured cargo truck accident attorneys understand what you are going through. Let us help by representing you in and out of the courtroom.

The Dangers Caused by Unsecured Cargo

There are two ways in which unsecured cargo can cause a crash—falling cargo and shifting cargo.

  • Falling Cargo—Any sized object that falls off a truck is likely to cause a crash if there are other nearby vehicles. The larger the object, the more hazardous. Cargo does not have to make contact with the victim’s vehicle to cause a crash. The simple act of trying to avoid it can cause a pileup as drivers run into one another. Additionally, cargo that fell hours earlier can still cause a collision. In this scenario, it can be difficult to identify the at-fault party, but it is not impossible.
  • Shifting Cargo—Cargo does not have to fall off a truck bed to cause a crash. If significant shifting occurs, due to insufficient securing, the truck can be thrown off balance or the center of gravity can be suddenly changed. This can cause the truck driver to lose control of the vehicle and crash. Shifting significantly increases the chances of a rollover or jackknife accident.

How Unsecured Cargo Causes Accidents

  • Using the wrong type of tie down—The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates how cargo should be secured. By using a rope instead of a cable, for example, the trucking company is violating safety laws.
  • Using old or worn-out tie downs or securing methods—Nylon straps, ratcheting systems, cables, chains, and steel strapping all wear out with time. The durability and strength of these securing methods needs to be checked routinely, and old equipment should be discarded immediately.
  • Failure to use dunnage bags—Dunnage bags are inflatable bags that are used to keep cargo in place by filling gaps. Failing to use dunnage bags can lead to shifting.
  • Failure to check cargo mid-trip—During long trips, the truck driver may be obligated to check the security of cargo mid-trip. Failure to do so can lead to cargo falling off the truck.
  • Improper loading or oversight—Various parties may be responsible for loading the truck and checking to ensure that the truck is properly balanced.
  • Using the wrong type of truck—Some types of cargo require a specific type or size/length of truck. By allowing a long stack of rebar, for example, to overhang the end of a short flatbed truck, there is a high chance of something going wrong.

Contact a Katy Unsecured Cargo Truck Accident Attorney Today

Another person’s negligence caused you to become seriously injured. You deserve justice, and we can help you achieve it.  Call the Katy unsecured cargo truck accident attorneys at The West Law Office today at 283-347-3247 to schedule a free consultation.

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