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Katy Tractor Trailer Accident Attorney

Tractor trailer accidents are terrifying, and often end with serious injuries to any passenger vehicle occupants involved. Due to the vast size difference between passenger vehicles and tractor trailers, these injuries can be life-threatening, and are almost always life-altering in some way, either physically or psychologically. As a victim of such a crash, you deserve compensation from the trucking company.  Our Katy tractor trailer accident attorneys at The West Law Office can help you seek justice by filing a personal injury lawsuit against the trucking company for medical expenses, lost earning ability, pain and suffering, property damage to your vehicle, and more.

How Tractor Trailer Accidents Happen

  • Distraction—Examples of distracted driving include eating, drinking, texting, using GPS, talking to a passenger or co-driver, staring out the window, daydreaming, watching TV or videos, and talking on the phone.
  • Fatigue—Fatigue affects most tractor trailer drivers at some point in their driving careers. Due to the long hours they spend on the road, tractor trailer drivers may fall asleep at the wheel, or drive in such a fatigued state that it is akin to being under the influence of alcohol.
  • Aggressive Driving—Speeding, tailgating, constant lane changes, failure to yield due to impatience, and intentionally maneuvering the truck to intimidate other road users are all forms of aggressive driving, which is one of the leading causes of tractor trailer accidents.
  • Drunk Driving—Alcohol negatively affects motor control, decision making, reaction time, and risk taking. Tractor trailer accidents can also be caused by drivers who are under the influence of prescription drugs and other narcotics that help them stay awake.

Negligent Truck Maintenance and Other Mechanical Failures

While most tractor trailer accidents are caused by the driver, not all are. Some crashes are the fault of the party responsible for maintaining the truck and trailer, while others may be the fault of the manufacturer, tire company, or other auto-part maker. Examples of when either of these scenarios may be the case include the following:

  • Brake failure;
  • Tire blowout;
  • Falling cargo;
  • Overloaded cargo;
  • Steering failure;
  • Axle failure; and
  • Jackknifing crash caused by mechanical failure of the trailer brakes.

Damages in a Katy Tractor Trailer Accident

  • Medical bills;
  • Projected medical expenses into the future;
  • Lost wages;
  • Lost earning capacity;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Emotional distress;
  • Loss of joy of life; and
  • Property damage to your vehicle.

Contact a Semi-Truck Accident Attorney Today 

Victims of tractor trailer accidents often end up with long hospital stays, months of physical recovery following the crash, and sometimes permanent injuries that affect their ability to perform their job or care for their children. It takes many months before you can even begin to understand what the full extent of your damages may be, and it is never wise to take a quick initial offer from an insurance company, as your damages are guaranteed to be much higher than you think. For professional legal representation, we urge you to call The West Law Office. Our Katy tractor trailer accident attorneys are here to help set you up for a stable financial future. Call us today at 283-347-3247 to schedule a free consultation.

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