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Katy 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney 

The drivers of 18 wheelers are often sleep deprived, speeding, or carelessly changing lanes. Even when the driver is doing everything in accordance with the law, semi-trucks pose a great risk to other road users when they are improperly loaded or if they are not adequately maintained. Here at The West Law Office, our Katy 18 Wheeler Accident Attorneys handle all types of injury claims, and can help you recover your damages no matter how severe.

Typical Causes of Katy 18 Wheeler Accidents

As with any traffic collision, Katy 18 wheeler accidents are usually caused by driver error. This includes distracted driving, aggressive driving, drunk driving, and falling asleep while driving.

  • Careless driving—Texting, talking on the phone, eating, drinking, daydreaming, staring out the side window, searching for objects, and using GPS to navigate, and failing to use turn signals or check side mirrors.
  • Aggressive driving—Tailgating, honking, intentionally cutting others off, speeding up to block another’s pass, and unnecessarily using brights to blind other drivers.

Trucks are also prone to breakdown, defects, improper loading, and hazards caused by poor maintenance. A few examples of these dangers include tire blowouts, worn out brakes, unevenly loaded cargo, and items falling off the truck because of improper loading or securing of cargo.

Common Injuries in Katy 18 Wheeler Accidents

  • Lacerations and contusions;
  • Traumatic brain injury;
  • Fractured limbs;
  • Spinal cord injury;
  • Fractured ribs;
  • Fractured collarbone; and
  • Soft tissue injuries.

Damages You Can Expect to Receive in a Katy 18 Wheeler Accident Claim

Depending on your specific claim, you may be able to recover the following types of damages if you were inured in a Katy 18 wheeler accident:

  • Pain and suffering;
  • Property damage;
  • Medical expenses;
  • Lost wages and earning capacity;
  • Future medical costs;
  • Loss of joy of life;
  • Emotional distress; and
  • More.

What To Do Following a Katy 18 Wheeler Accident

The first order of business following a Katy 18 wheeler accident is to ensure the safety of yourself and your passengers. Next, call 911 and assist any other parties that were involved in the crash and need help. If possible (and safe), move your vehicle to the shoulder of the road, then stay away from the road until paramedics or the police arrive. Exchange information with the driver, including insurance information and driver’s licenses. Take pictures of your car, the 18 wheeler, skid marks and other potential evidence, and any physical damage to yourself or your passengers. If there were witnesses, obtain their personal contact information as well. Seek medical attention, even if you believe that you will end up being fine. Shock often hides pain and injuries for hours. Finally, contact a Katy 18 wheeler accident attorney before you speak with the other party’s insurance company.

Contact a Katy 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney Today

If you or a loved one were involved in a Katy 18 wheeler accident, it is in your best interest to talk to one of our lawyers as soon as possible. To get started, call us at 283-347-3247 today to schedule a free consultation with a Katy personal injury lawyer.

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