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Houston Dog Bite Attorney

There are nearly 13,000 dog bites or attacks that occur every day in the United States. That means that close to 5 million people in the United States suffer from dog bite injuries every year. Texas and California account for the states with the most dog bite incidents, sometimes so serious that they lead to death. These accidents can become very costly and it is important to consult with a Houston dog bite attorney immediately.

Injured by Dog in Houston

Dog bite accidents generally do not involve stray dogs, but rather dogs that are not properly trained. These incidents happen when dog owners are negligent with their dog’s care and training, and are unable to control their dogs. When this type of dog is left unattended and unfenced, they are capable of attacking any pedestrian that passes by. Often times, the types of dogs that attack innocent victims are not attached to a leash even when they are with their owner. the dog owner then does not have any control over the dog, and it allows the dog to attack.

Our clients suffer serious injuries in an attack, including:

  • Fractures
  • Lacerations or puncture wounds
  • Infections
  • Nerve damage
  • Torn ligaments or tendons
  • Facial injuries
  • Scarring

Other victims suffer injuries when a dog jumps onto them and knocks them over. Even though not bitten, these victims can suffer serious injuries, such as concussion or neck injuries, when they fall to the ground. Please go to the hospital after any type of attack from a large animal.

It is the responsibility of the dog owner to have control over their potentially dangerous or aggressive dogs, especially in the event they are allowed or negligently secured and come into contact with innocent individuals (Texas dog laws).

Common Causes of Dog Bite Accidents

  • Negligence: This is the most common reason dog bite accidents occur. Dog owners do not provide their dogs with the proper training and care needed.
  • Negligent by the law: Dog owners are oftentimes negligent by law and do not abide by Texas statutes regarding leashes, and trespassing.
  • Repeat Attacks: If the dog owner is aware that their dog is dangerous and may attack, it is their responsibility to keep them secured away from innocent people. if the dog has already attacked another individual and the owner refrains from controlling them, you are likely to be attacked without any provocation.
  • Liability of Landlord: If you are attacked on your landlord’s property, they can be held responsible. It is the responsibility of a landlord to enforce rules for dog owners to keep other tenants safe.
  • Young Children: Young children, usually under the age of 6, are frequently attacked by dogs. Children at this young age are generally too young to be responsible for the attack.

What should I do if I am attacked by a dog?

Contact Houston Texas dog bite lawyer, Sue E. West, immediately. It is important to first consult with an experienced dog bite lawyer. Do not give a recorded statement to the police department or an insurance company before consulting with an attorney first.

If you have been attacked by a dog, make sure you are able to identify both the dog and its owner. Report the attack to Houston, Texas’ animal authority and police department. Present them with information pertaining to the attack including photographs of the dog and the injury, the contact information of eyewitnesses, medical records, and even the clothes worn during the time of the attack.

Compensation for Victims of Dog Bites

Dog bites can have serious consequences. Many accident victims will never feel comfortable around dogs again. Others will suffer permanent disabilities, not to mention disfigurement.

At the West Law Office, we have one goal: to obtain meaningful compensation for our clients. You probably have many expenses following a dog bite. We work to obtain compensation for all damages, such as:

  • Medical treatment, including surgeries, rehabilitation, antibiotics, doctor visits, and ambulance transportation.
  • Future medical treatment if you have permanent injuries. You might need to install a wheelchair ramp or employ an at-home aid to help you.
  • Lost income due to dog bites. You might not be able to work as you recuperate, and you shouldn’t lose out on compensation.
  • Loss of earning capacity. A permanent disability could keep you from ever returning to your old job.
  • Pain and suffering. This term covers physical pain, mental anguish, depression, anxiety, and loss of enjoyment of life.
  • Property damage. Your own animal is considered a piece of property. If a dog injures your pet, you can seek compensation.

How much can you receive in compensation? The answer will depend on the severity of your injuries. Deep wounds which require skin grafts or hospitalization will often be worth more. But even bites on the face could cause intense pain and suffering. The amount to seek will ultimately depend on the facts of your case.

Another factor is the insurance the owner has. Many victims make claims on the owner’s homeowner’s or renter’s policy. Some of these policies exclude certain dogs or breeds. You should hire an attorney with the experience needed to negotiate with an insurer.

Accusations that You Provoked a Dog

Some dog owners might claim you provoked the animal, so you are not 100% innocent. You must take these allegations seriously, regardless of how far-fetched they sound. Some dog owners use this as a ploy to reduce the compensation they pay, or even defeat your claim altogether. Their logic is simple: you are to blame for making the dog attack, so you shouldn’t profit.

For example, the owner might claim you were throwing objects at the dog, pulling its tail, or frightening it. They might even claim your own dog attacked first and that their animal fought back only in self defense.

The West Law Office is skilled at recreating accidents, including dog attacks. We rely on all pieces of evidence, including eyewitness testimony, to recreate what happened. Based on what we find, we can refute any claim that you are to blame for your attack and present our version of events to the insurance companies.

Contact Houston Dog Bite Attorney Today

The West Law Office will thoroughly examine your dog bite accident case and provide you with proper legal representation. We will seek justice on your behalf, and help you receive the maximum compensation possible for your personal injury in Katy or Houston, Texas. Dog bite injuries are taken very seriously by our firm. it is important that you both consult with an experienced attorney, and doctor. Seek medical attention immediately after a dog bite accident to ensure you do not have an infection. Leave the rest to dog bite accident attorney, Sue E. West.

We work on a contingency basis. We do not receive any attorney fees unless we recover damages for you. Consult with Houston dog bite lawyer, Sue E. West, to file a personal injury claim and to discuss your options 281-347-3247.

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