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Cinco Ranch Wrongful Death Attorney

In a very real way, no amount of money could ever replace the life of a friend or loved one. To imply that such a life has a price tag is almost insurling. But no one can turn back the clock, stop the car accident or other incident, and restore the decedent’s life. Financial compensation is the next best thing. The available damages allow survivors to pay final expenses and put the tragic incident behind them.

The experienced Cinco Ranch wrongful death attorneys at the West Law Office routinely handle these matters throughout Southeast Texas. Since we know all the procedural and evidentiary rules, we are well-positioned to stand up for wrongful death survivors. Our passion fuels our purpose. We are dedicated to your total recovery and we are proud to play a small role in that process.

Kinds of Claims

In most years, motor vehicle collisions, drug overdoses, and falls are 1-2-3 on the lists of injury-related deaths in Texas. Two of these three causes almost always involve negligence. The third one is rather complex.

Drivers and property owners normally have a duty of care to keep people safe. Drivers must avoid accidents when possible. Property owners must quickly address loose handrails and other fall hazards. If a breach of care caused a wrongful death, the survivors could be entitled to compensation for:

  • Medical bills related to the decedent’s final injury or illness,
  • Lost future financial contributions,
  • Burial and funeral expenses,
  • Lost future emotional support, and
  • Decedent’s pain and suffering.

Survivors might also be entitled to compensation for their own grief and suffering, usually through a separate negligent infliction of emotional distress claim.

Drug overdose wrongful death claims are a bit more complex. Property owners must abide by the aforementioned duty of care. However, a drug overdose is only foreseeable in some situations. For example, if there’s a drug house on the next block, a property owner should be able to anticipate an overdose death.

Doctors could be legally responsible as well. Some physicians write prescriptions and don’t ask too many questions.

Your Claim for Damages

Normally, surviving close family members may file wrongful death claims in Texas. If there are no surviving close family members, the decedent’s legal representative typically has this authority.

If liability is absolutely clear, the insurance company has a duty to settle the claim in a few weeks. However, very few things in life are “absolutely” true or false. Therefore, most wrongful death claims go to the next level.

That next level is usually a civil damage claim. Filing legal paperwork pressures the insurance company to settle the claim and preserves the plaintiff’s legal rights. The statute of limitations in a Texas wrongful death matter is rather short.

At this point, most judges refer cases to mediation. A third-party mediator, who’s usually an independent Cinco Ranch wrongful death lawyer, meets with both sides and tries to find common ground on key issues. If that happens, the case will most likely settle. Most parties negotiate in good faith, so mediation is usually successful.

Count on a Diligent Fort Bend County Lawyer

Personal injury victims deserve fair compensation for their serious injuries. For a free consultation with an experienced Cinco Ranch personal injury attorney, contact The West Law Office. We do not charge upfront legal fees in these matters.

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