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“Super Fog” in Texas: Weather Phenomenon Causing Major Car Accidents


Driving can be difficult in the best of situations. Even when the weather is nice, accidents can still occur. In the winter, things can get a little tricky. Ice, snow, rain, wind, and fog can all lead to serious accidents. In Texas, there may even be dense fog called “super fog.”

Super fog threatened parts of Louisiana in October and November, causing huge pileups. Seven people were killed and 30 were injured in the October accident. Another person was killed in November.

Super fog is a type of fog that occurs when smoke combines with dense fog. Smoke and moisture released from damp, smoldering material such as leaves and brush mixes with cooler, moisture-laden air. Particles from the smoke attach to the water molecules, producing a thicker fog that can reduce visibility to almost zero. Super fog is especially dangerous for drivers, as it can cause multi-vehicle pileups.

Super fog was expected in Texas on New Year’s Eve. There was a potential for dense fog east of the I-35 corridor between midnight and 6 a.m. on January 1 as people celebrated 2024 with fireworks. Drivers were told to expect visibility of a quarter mile or less in these areas.

Super fog is often found across low terrain when there are light winds. In some cases, it can lower visibility to less than 10 feet. It can be very hazardous when it is found over highways.

Super fog is a technical term officially used by meteorologists. It is used to describe conditions in which fog is thicker than typical fog. Super fog is not the same as smog. It is strictly an organic occurrence, unlike smog, which is caused by man-made pollutants.

Super fog is more common in the winter months, when cold weather is present. It is not uncommon for it to occur several times a year, and increasing global temperatures  have definitely compounded the issue.

If you encounter dense fog while driving, you should slow down and give yourself extra time to reach your destination. Do not speed or try to be in a hurry. Use  low-beam headlights and tail lights. You should never use high-beam headlights, as the light causes glare and makes it more difficult for drivers to see what is ahead of them. Also, be sure to leave extra space between you and other vehicles, since visibility is reduced and it can be harder to see.

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Fog is nothing to mess with. It can cause reduced visibility, making car crashes more likely to occur.

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