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Katy Tanker Truck Accident Attorney

Tanker trucks are one of the most dangerous types of vehicles on the road. They are often as heavy and long as a semi-truck, and their contents can kill if they combust or come in contact with a person’s eyes, skin, or lungs. If you were injured in a tanker truck collision, the Katy tanker truck accident attorneys at The West Law Office can help you get back on your feet. Let us take the legal headache off your shoulders so that you can focus on healing. Meanwhile, our attorneys will handle everything from gathering evidence of fault, compiling your damages, pouring through the at-fault party’s insurance policy, and holding their insurer accountable in and out of the courtroom.

Most Tanker Truck Accidents Are Caused By Driver Error

Even though they may be carrying hazardous cargo that could harm the environment and people, tanker truck drivers engage in all of the unlawful and dangerous acts that passenger vehicle drivers do. This includes distracted driving, aggressive driving/road rage, intoxicated driving, and drowsy/fatigued driving. Most crashes are caused by the driver’s negligence. Speeding, texting, eating or drinking, using GPS, failing to check side view mirrors, and falling asleep at the wheel are some of the most frequent causes of tanker truck accidents.

Mechanical Failures and Defective Equipment/Parts

Tanker collisions can also be caused by neglecting the vehicle itself, or from parts that came from the factory that were defective to begin with. Examples of mechanical failures due to neglect or defects include:

  • Worn-out brakes;
  • Defective brakes or brake parts;
  • Damaged steer axle, drag, or steering links;
  • Tire blowouts;
  • Faulty hydraulic fluid reservoir;
  • Defective arm connector;
  • Damaged ball joint;
  • Damaged turn signal; and
  • Damaged valve, nozzle, or tank, resulting in leakage of a gas or liquid.

Burns and Chemical Exposure

Tanker truck accidents pose a particularly hazardous threat to victims in the form of burns and toxic chemical exposure. Tanker or fuel trucks carrying gasoline, diesel, hydrogen, liquid oxygen, natural gas, or other highly flammable liquids or gases can explode or catch on fire if the tank is perforated during the collision. Serious second and third degree burns can result. Tanker trucks also carry various solvents, poison liquids, oxidizing liquids, and other corrosive or deadly liquids or gases. Exposure to these can cause chemical burns or an assortment of deadly or life threatening medical complications. While tanks that carry fuel or dangerous chemicals are generally very strong, and are usually made of two cylinders, between which is a vacuum to create an airtight environment, they can of course break in the event of a crash.

Contact a Tanker Truck Accident Attorney Today

No one should be left with medical bills, lost income, and the psychological trauma and suffering caused by a tanker truck accident without being heavily compensated by the at-fault party. Here at The West Law Office, our Katy tanker truck accident attorneys will stop at nothing to see that justice is carried out. Call us today at 283-347-3247 to schedule a free consultation.

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