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Katy Red Light Accident Attorney

Red light runners are some of the most dangerous people out on the roads. Whether they were looking down at their phone as they approached the intersection, sped up as the light turned yellow, or were intoxicated, victims can seek compensation by filing a personal injury claim against them. To seek justice, we encourage you to work with our Katy red light accident attorneys. 

Common Types of Red Light Accidents 

  • T-bone Crashes—T-bone collisions occur in intersections when a driver blows through a red light perpendicular to the lane of traffic with the green light/right of way.
  • Head-On Crashes—Head-on collisions are the most dangerous type of red light accident. They occur when the driver running the red light collides with a vehicle going straight or making a left turn.
  • Rear-End Crashes—An example of a rear end crash at a red light follows as such: a driver making a right turn on a red light does not come to a full stop, and makes the right turn as a vehicle with the right of way approaches from behind, and does not have time to stop. This can happen in a slip lane as well as a regular lane of traffic.
  • Side-Impact/Sideswipe Crashes—A side impact or sideswipe accident occurs when one of the drivers makes an emergency maneuver at the last minute—either the at-fault red light runner or the other driver—and a head-on collision, T-bone, or rear-ender is avoided. Sideswipe crashes tend to have the least amount of force behind them, but can still cause serious injuries, especially if the sideswipe is head-on.
  • Chain Reaction Crash—Red light runners tend to cause multiple collisions, which can cause a chain reaction of vehicles to collide with one another. It is even possible for the red light runner to get through the intersection without being hit themselves, but cause multiple crashes in their wake. 

Pedestrians and Cyclists

The most vulnerable victims of red light runners are pedestrians and cyclists in the crosswalk or using the bike lane or shoulder of the road. Pedestrians and cyclists who had the right of way to cross the street, whether there was a crosswalk sign or not, have the ability to sue the at-fault red light runner, just as a driver would.

Red Light Running is on the Rise

According to AAA, red light running deaths are at a ten year high. Tragically, innocent victims are more likely to die than the red light runners themselves. 46 percent of fatalities are those of vehicle occupants and vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians, while just 35 percent of fatalities are the individuals who ran the red light.

Contact a Katy Red Light Accident Attorney Today

The red light runner who caused your injuries can be held financially accountable for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. To get started on a claim today, call the Katy red light accident attorneys at The West Law Office at 283-347-3247 to schedule a free consultation.

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