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Katy Lyft Accident Attorney

The rideshare application company Lyft has seen massive popularity growth in recent years. Unfortunately, serious collisions ending in tragic injuries and deaths have risen from distracted, speeding, and otherwise careless or reckless Lyft driver errors. The West Law Office can help. Our Katy Lyft accident attorneys assist clients of all types who have been injured in Lyft collisions. We can help you recover your damages stemming from medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage, and more.

Who Caused the Crash?

  • Lyft Driver (you are a passenger)—As an injured passenger of a Lyft vehicle, you can hold Lyft accountable by filing a personal injury lawsuit against the company. The driver may have been at fault, but the app company is still liable.
  • Lyft Driver (you are not a passenger)—Not all victims of negligent Lyft drivers are passengers. If you were a driver, a passenger in another vehicle, a cyclist, or a pedestrian, Lyft’s bodily injury and liability policies apply to you as well.
  • Another Road User—If another driver caused the crash, you have the right to file a personal injury claim with that driver’s insurance company. This goes for Lyft drivers as well—if you were injured while driving for Lyft, you can file a personal injury claim against the at-fault-party.
  • Vehicle Defect—Defective auto parts contribute to thousands of collisions every week. Common examples can include power steering, brakes, tires, and defective airbags. If it is found that a defective or dangerous part caused the crash, you can sue the manufacturer for damages.

Lyft’s Insurance Policy

If the Lyft driver caused the crash, or contributed to it, you have the ability to file a personal injury claim with Lyft if the Lyft app was on, whether you were a passenger or another road users. If the app was off, Lyft is likely not liable, and you will have to seek compensation directly from the Lyft driver.

  • App is on and the Driver Was Picking up Passengers or Had Passengers in the Vehicle
    • $1,000,000 bodily injury liability per person
    • Contingent comprehensive collision up to the actual cash value of the car
  • Lyf App is on and the Driver was Waiting for a Ride Request
    • $50,000 bodily injury liability per person
    • $25,000 property damage liability
  • Lyft App is Off—Only the Lyft driver’s personal auto insurance coverage applies

What Are My Injuries Worth?

There is no way to quickly assess what your injuries are “worth” in terms of a personal injury claim. It takes months, potentially a year or more, to fully understand the true nature of your damages. However, if you had to seek medical care in the hours or months following the crash, your injuries are certainly substantial enough in order to pursue civil justice.

Contact a Katy Lyft Accident Attorney Today

No one should be left with mounting medical bills, lost paychecks, and permanent physical and emotional damage when another party caused the collision. To ensure that you do not needlessly suffer anymore, call the Katy Lyft accident attorneys at The West Law Office today at 283-347-3247 to schedule a free consultation.

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