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Katy Dump Truck Accident Attorney 

Whether you were hit by a dump truck, or the dump truck’s load caused you to crash, the company responsible for your injuries can be held accountable for your financial damages. When pursuing any type of commercial vehicle traffic collision, the insurance policy limits are generally very large. This is a good thing if your damages are substantial. However, procuring fair compensation in high net worth claims is a challenge. Here at The West Law Office, our Katy dump truck accident attorneys can help you pursue fair compensation no matter how the accident occurred or what your damages may be.

Types of Katy Dump Truck Accidents

  • Collision—Collisions are the leading cause of serious injury and death in terms of commercial vehicle collisions, including dump trucks. Dump trucks are long, heavy, and hard to bring to a stop. These difficulties make dump trucks a great hazard to other road users. When a dump truck driver is distracted or impatient, the danger only increases. Other factors that lead to dump truck collisions involve: overloading the dump truck, driver impairment, driver fatigue, failure to use turn signals, failure to check blind spots while merging, speeding, tailgating, and defective tires or brakes.
  • Pedestrian Collision—Trucks in general are exceedingly hazardous to pedestrians and cyclists. Falling under the wheels of a dump truck is essentially a death sentence, whereas being struck by a dump truck, even at a low speed, can cause critical injuries. Moreover, dump trucks are often found in places where people walk—in parking lots, at construction sites within the city, and along roads with sidewalks and bike lanes.
  • Flying or Falling Debris—Flying rock, gravel, dirt, construction scraps, and other debris can cause a driver to swerve in an attempt to avoid the obstacle, and lose control of their vehicle in the process.
  • Gate Failure—A gate failure results in a dump truck releasing its full load at once, potentially while traveling down the highway at a high speed. Needless to say, this creates an extreme risk to anyone behind the dump truck. The drivers of passenger vehicles that collide with one another in an attempt to avoid flying debris or debris released in a gate failure can pursue compensation from the trucking company even if the dump truck itself was not physically involved in the crash.

Contact a Katy Dump Truck Accident Attorney Today

The size and weight of dump trucks makes them particularly dangerous for other road users. A passenger vehicle can easily be crumpled into an unrecognizable heap of metal and glass during such a collision, while the dump truck may be left with nothing other than some minor dents and scratches. No matter how the incident occurred, whether there was a collision or a defective gate that caused a spill on the road, the trucking company can be held accountable for your damages. To get started on a personal injury claim today, call the Katy dump truck accident attorneys at The West Law Office today at 283-347-3247 to schedule a free consultation.

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