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Houston Traffic Collision Attorney 

Traffic collisions occur when a vehicle hits another vehicle, pedestrian, animal, road hazard, pole, tree, building, or other object. A traffic collision is a danger that drivers face on a daily basis. Such a crash can be dangerous, resulting in property damage, injury, disability, and even death. A collision can lead to various damages, so it’s important to get the compensation you need to recover. Contact a Houston traffic collision attorney for help with your case.

Types of Traffic Collisions

Traffic collisions can happen in a variety of ways. Some common types include the following:

  • Rear-end crash. These are common accidents that involve a vehicle hitting the rear of a vehicle in front. These crashes often occur when the vehicle in front suddenly stops or slows down and the driver behind them does not notice in time due to tailgating, aggressive driving, and distracted driving.
  • Head-on crash. This type of accident occurs when vehicles traveling in opposite directions collide, with the front of one vehicle colliding with the other. These accidents often happen at high speeds and cause catastrophic injuries and fatalities.
  • Rollover crash. These crashes occur when a vehicle flips onto its side or rolls all the way over. A sharp turn or running off the road can cause rollovers. SUVs have a high center of gravity and are more prone to these accidents than other vehicles.
  • Side-swipe crash. These crashes occur when the sides of two vehicles hit each other. They often happen when one vehicle tries to move into the adjacent lane but does not see the vehicle next to it.
  • Single-vehicle crash. As the name implies, these crashes involve just one vehicle. They can occur when a vehicle goes off the road or hits an animal or stationary object, such as a pole or building.

Common Injuries in Car Accidents

Car crashes can cause a variety of injuries, such as the following:

  • Soft tissue injuries. These injuries cause damage to a person’s muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Whiplash, which affects the neck and upper back, is a common soft tissue injury.
  • Head injuries. A car crash can cause a vehicle to suddenly stop and change direction. This can cause your head to move back and forth, which can result in a concussion or even brain damage. Any impact with the steering wheel, window, or other car parts can also cause head injuries.
  • Arm and leg injuries. A side impact can throw your arms and legs against the door. Your knees may also hit the dashboard or seats in front. This can lead to sprains and broken bones.

Contact a Houston Traffic Collision Attorney Today

A traffic collision can happen at any time. While many are minor, some result in serious property damage and injuries. Get the compensation you deserve with help from The West Law Office. We can assess your car accident case and hold the appropriate party liable for their negligence. Schedule a free consultation with a Houston traffic collision attorney by filling out the online form or calling 281-347-3247.

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