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Cinco Ranch Motorcycle Accident Attorney

There are basically only two types of motorcycle riders: those who have gone down, and those who will go down. When a rider gets hurt, it’s usually because of a driver’s negligence, and the injuries are normally serious. In fact, in the event of a collision, the motorcycle rider fatality rate is about thirty times higher than the vehicle occupant fatality rate. Moreover, if a motorcycle hits a large truck, the rider almost never survives

Because of the serious nature of these injuries, a Cinco Ranch motorcycle accident attorney from the West Law Office is usually able to obtain substantial compensation for victims and survivors. Victims need this money to pay medical bills and otherwise put their lives back together. As for survivors, financial compensation takes care of final expenses, makes up for lost future contributions, and assuages the grief these people feel.

What Causes Motorcycle Crashes?

Driver impairment or an operational error, normally failure to maintain a proper lookout, usually causes motorcycle wrecks.

Compensation is usually rather high in driver impairment cases. These tortfeasors (negligent drivers) arguably know they should not drive, but they get behind the wheel anyway. Common types of impairment include:

  • Substance Abuse: Alcohol impairment, drug impairment, or a combination of the two causes almost half of the fatal car accidents in Harris County. Alcohol, marijuana, prescription pain pills, and other substances are at least semi-legal to consume in most cases. But it’s always very dangerous to drive under their influence.
  • Drowsiness: Alcohol and fatigue affect the brain and body in roughly the same way. Fatigue, like alcohol, slows reactions and impairs judgement. In fact, driving after twenty-four consecutive awake hours is like driving with a .10 BAC level. That’s well above the legal limit in Texas.
  • Distraction: Hand-held cell phones get most of the attention in this area, but they are only a small part of the problem. According to one study, driving while using a hands-free cell phone is as bad as driving while intoxicated. Moreover, a high number of drivers eat, drink, and do other things behind the wheel.

As for failure to look, many drivers watch for other cars, but they do not watch for motorcycles. Generally, motorcycles are slower than cars. Motorcycles are always smaller than cars. So, they do not attract driver attention.

Making matters worse, there are many large vehicles, like SUVs, on the road. These vehicles are difficult to see around. This fact does not excuse negligence. The opposite is true. It means that drivers should slow down and use extra caution in these situations.

Liability Issues

Operational error crashes usually involve the negligence per se doctrine. Tortfeasors who violate safety laws, like failure to look, are liable for damages as a matter of law if they cause crashes.

Most driver impairment claims are a bit more complex. These victims must normally use the ordinary negligence doctrine. The victim must prove that the tortfeasor did not use reasonable care while driving. Driving while sleepy or distracted clearly violates this duty. Circumstantial evidence is usually admissible in these cases.

Substance abuse impairment is sometimes an exception. If the tortfeasor was intoxicated, as opposed to impaired, the negligence per se doctrine could apply. Authorities usually charge these motorists with DUI.

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Personal injury victims deserve fair compensation for their serious injuries. For a free consultation with an experienced Cinco Ranch personal injury attorney, contact The West Law Office. Virtual, home, and hospital visits are available.

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